Rab & Lesley's SECOND Big Trip

In December 2015 my wife and I set out on an amazing 145 day trip to celebrate our retirement.
We had a really great time and firmly believed that it would be our last trip to Australia and New Zealand
but then our daughter landed herself a job in Sydney so off we go again

What was originally planned as a short visit has grown into a second long trip - but only 65 days this time

We start in Sydney, take a train to Perth for Xmas, fly back to Sydney for the New Year Fireworks, then move on
to New Zealand, Hawaii, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon before heading home

As I did last time I hope to post a few pictures each day - access to internet permitting
These pages are a record of our new adventure

Click the pictures to view each section

Page 1 - Days 1 to 5
Big Trip
Page 2 - Days 6 to 9
Hunter Valley
Big Trip
Page 3 - Days 10 to ...
Big Trip
Page 4 - Days ... to ...
The India Pacific Rail & Perth
Big Trip
Page 5 - Days ... to ...
Big Trip
Page 6 - Days ... to ...
Big Trip
Page 7 - Days ... to ...
New Zealand
Big Trip
Page 8 - Days ... to ...
Big Trip
Page 9 - Days ... to ...0
Vegas & Grand Canyon
Big Trip
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